AFR - Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021 - Page 24 Michael Jiang’s grocery business has been given a boost by a federal government-backed scheme enabling cheaper loans to expand operations, including buying commercial property. Strategy Government-backed funding for pandemic relief can ease retirement plans, writes Duncan Hughes. Michael Jiang’s grocery business has been given a boost…

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RIC rate drop puts cash back in farmer’ pockets

The Regional Investment Corporation’s variable rate across its suite of farm business loans will drop 47 basis points to 3.11 per cent from today - 1 August 2019. "On average our RIC rate is 2 per cent lower than the commercial lenders, which equates to a saving of $102,000 over the five-year interest only period.…

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Farm Innovation Fund Loans

The NSW Government has committed $1 billion to the Farm Innovation Fund under the Emergency Drought Relief Package 2019-20. From 1 July 2019, farmers can borrow up to a maximum of $1 million per project, with a total of $1,000,000 outstanding at any one time to build on-farm infrastructure, including stock containment areas. In addition,…

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